iKPlace Rocks


Hi ... this is the iKPlace crew ... Lucy, Riley, Wesley and Anna ... Riley made us think he needed to use the computer for something urgent, so I guess Riley is busy.

You can contact Wesley and Lucy at wesley@ikplace.com for Wesley and Lucy at lucy@ikplace.com All fan mail may be to ikplaceteam@gmail.com . iCarly.com inspired us to have our own website and web show.

We enjoy biking and of course doing stuff with our website.  Ray just made a funny noise (Ray is Lucy and Anna’s little brother and sometimes guest on the videos). Anna likes to pretend she is a little bit of a dog. Riley’s a funny, funny member. and Lucy and Wesley rock! Sometimes Riley will be absent ... and did I mention we love to listen to music ... Ray is a slop and just said daaaaaa! oh shoot ! 5 minutes later we just had to go out side and rescue the camera IN THE DARK! and we had to dump water out and Anna got some water splashed on the head

Our favorite shows includes iCarly, Spongebob squarepants, Suite life of Zack and Cody and Star Wars

There is more videos soon to come.

Thanks for reading from the iKplace team.

This is iKPlace.com

iKPlace is a site set-up for kids and by kids ... there are fun videos and fun pictures and someday there will be fun games and even some cool clothes.

Have fun, live life, breath air ... from the iKPlace team.